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Awakening Flëur
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The dawn of awakening is a process that has a beginning, but has no end. It's so exciting and long-awaited for all of us. We are standing and looking at the new world. It's opening its eyes, and every sound opens our eyes.
It is no need to rate the "Awakening" on the musical component only, it's something more real and three-dimensional. Each of us has assisted in the birth of this music, and the first thing to feel about it is the depth of gratitude, which is in music itself. It's full of night thoughts, maybe disturbing and even paradoxical, and followed by the morning, bright and peacefully deserted. You're alone with the music, and each note is a dance of your breath.
We wake up, and the music begins.
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Posted by Flëur on 23 February 2012
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Comments (94)
Да один "Шиповник" чего стоит! Конечно, у Елены творчество более ровное. Но и Ольга выдаёт порой настоящие шедевры! Пожелаем же её побольше таких "выстрелов"!
20 Jul 2013 06:53 pm
Да они Лучшие!!!! Обожаю Flëur
17 Nov 2013 08:09 pm
действительно, группа - супер! хоть услышал их совсем недавно. Но теперь это одна из любимейших моих групп
04 Sep 2016 04:19 am